Car Paint Protection Tips

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Wisconsin-auto-body-repair-Malibu-2011-LT-AfterValuable Tips on Car Paint Protection

By Shivjeet Singh

Every time your car leaves the garage, it rolls into infinite dangers – bird poop, bugs and microscopic germs, dust and grit, and of course, harsh weather conditions and sun’s heat.

No wonder, these take a toll on your car’s paint, leaving it rusted, dirty, and with a poor finish. Dirt and grit stick to the paint, and causes it to lack luster, making the surface rough and harsh.

Even the scorching sun above and its harmful ultraviolet rays cause significant damage to the car paint.

If you care for your car, regular car wash and care are important. Here are some tips to protect new car paint. After all, you need something better for your baby’s skin!


The best and simplest way to protect your car’s paint is car cleaning and regular care. After you come back home after a long ride, wash or at least rinse off the dirt on the car as soon as possible. The longer it stays onto the body; the more it will penetrate deeper into the paint and cause damage. After washing, let it cool in the shade on shallow incline. This helps the water drops to fall off onto the ground and not penetrate in the body, which can again damage the paint.

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Truck & Auto Rust Repair Prevention & Treatment

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Check out this helpful video about truck rust repair on a 1972 Chevrolet truck.

How To Protect Your Car And Treat It For Rust

by dmaillie

Cars today are more expensive than ever. Many cost more than the average Americans paycheck. Most Americans have car loans that average over 60 or even 72 months. That is basically 6 year car loans with very hefty payments, so if we are going to invest that much money, not to include taxes and insurance, in our cars than we best protect them and make them last as long as possible. One area of grave importance is rust protection and treatment. Continue Reading »

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

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